Medini Unite

Medini Unite


medini unite allows you to efficiently analyze and visualize the differences between models and create a change documentation. Moreover, you can merge the different versions of a model into a new target model.

Your Main Benefits

easy identification

Easy Identification of differences between Simulink®, Stateflow® or TargetLink® models
graphical representation

Detailed Graphical
of the differences directly within the embedded Matlab®/Simulink® or Stateflow® models
advanced filtering

Advanced filtering capabilities for customization and usability
manual merge

Automated Or Manual Merge into a target model with undo/redo of merge decisions
Easy Integration

with all commonly used version management systems and customer workflows

Key Functions

difference view icon
Detailed comparison of Simulink®/Stateflow®/ TargetLink® models
Difference analysis includes configuration parameters
Presentation within the model diagrams and in the detailed property view
2-way and 3-way diff - take the ancestor model into account
Library diff - compare libraries on user request and directly from referencing model
Additional display of differences in a tree view
difference analysis
merge function
Support for merge of Simulink®, TargetLink® and Stateflow® elements
Sophisticated conflict management
User controlled or automatic merge
Intelligent merge reduces manual effort by merging multiple elements with a single decision
Automatic merge uses ancestor model information
Easy to use user interface for merge decisions
filtering essentials
Various filters control the visualization
Intuitive and convenient user interface
Intelligent element matching based on multiple criteria - name, position, connections
Visualization of differences in TargetLink® Properties
Multi-level undo/redo
Comprehensive documentation and online help system
Generation of diff report in MS Word®, pdf and html format including diagram pictures
Customizable merge reports document all merge decisions in MS Word®, PDF and HTML format
Easy integration into different versioning and configuration systems
Customizable color schemes
Quick Facts


Current product version:
medini unite 4.1.5

Supported Matlab-Versions:
2006A and higher (32/64-bit)

System requirements:
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/10 (32/64-bit) 300 MB disc space 2 GB main memory


No. unite starts an own instance of MATLAB for the compare and merge activities.
You should not do it. unite keeps an undo/redo stack and changing the models outside the control of unite may lead to unwanted model changes.
Please invoke MATLAB.exe /regserver from the command line in your MATLAB installation directory. There is a Mathworks problem with the used Ids of their COM servers so some versions have identical Ids and cannot be distinguished.

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