Diagnostic Authoring Environment overview
Diagnostic Authoring Environment

Diagnostic Authoring Environment

Now help your domain experts deliver high quality sequences in less time
K-DCP Authoring is a development environment for diagnostic applications based on ASAM/ISO standards. Design, maintain and test state-of-the-art diagnostic applications. K-DCP Authoring helps reduce inherent complexity, promote reusability, improve quality and reduce application development/maintenance cost. The integrated publication mechanism provides an automated delivery of the created content into the K-DCP Framework.
Product Development V-Cycle
Integrated development environment for creating diagnostic application using domain specific language
product development v cycle
Use Cases

Stand-alone / Cloud based Diagnostics Application Design
Data management, workflow and use-case oriented editing and approval approach
Guided Diagnostics and Fault Finding editor including Symptom handling
Development and debugging of diagnostic sequences
Automated ECU diagnostic testing
Key Features

Single sourcing – distribution of the same sequences and HMIs on a stand-alone machine, as well as on a cloud server
Drag and drop objects directly into visual test sequences
OTX as a programming language including code formatting, correction and auto complete
Simple access to diagnostic content (Diagnostic Wizard / Diagnostic Module View)
HMI Editor to author customer specific screens and visualize various use-cases
Guided diagnostics approach based on test steps and sequences for fault codes and symptoms
Integrated version control mechanism
Workflow control and release management system
Code generation into Java programming language
Integrated debugger and runtime environment
Support for simulation of vehicle diagnostics communication
Design time validation of all standard checker rules and ability to add custom rules as per OTX authoring guidelines
diagnostic connectivity
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Diagnostic Authoring Environment

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