Database Designer NG

Database Designer NG

Ensure a simplified and accelerated processing of data within complete diagnostic processes, including data loss prevention
The Database Designer offers a comfortable working environment for diagnostic functional specification of all the ECUs within a vehicle. Users can create ISO compliant ODX data compliant with OEM and supplier industries. The Database Designer supports two views for authoring diagnostic data.
ODX perspective allows ODX experts to author diagnostic data quickly in the ODX format
ECU Specification perspective allows users to create ODX data without prior knowledge of ODX. It allows ODX data creation by entry of supported DIDs and DTCs within UDS ECUs
Product Development V-Cycle
The Database Designer is recommended by leading OEMs for diagnostic specification
Use Cases

Multi ECU diagnostic data editor with Load on Demand functionality
Full flexibility for data creation on all layers of diagnostic
Validation of diagnostic data by customizable Checker Rules
OEM specific Edit-Templates and Convention files for specific data creation
Flash data container
Report/Manual generation in PDF format
Key Features

The DatabaseDesigner runs directly on ODX or PDX (packed ODX) data without any intermediate format. Data can be opened, edited and stored without any data import or export. This ensure a simplified and accelerated processing of data within complete diagnostic processes, including data loss prevention. Key features include:
Support for ODX 2.0.1 and ODX 2.2.0 specification in native format
Support for multiple user roles (Expert to Common User)
Integrated Checker tool. Customizable for OEM specific rules
Integrated Excel import and export features
State-of-the-art memory management
Editing and saving huge ODX data (>1 GB) even in the constrained resource environment
Creation of ECU manual directly from the ODX data into PDF file format
Scalable to author diagnostic data from single ECU to entire vehicle
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DatabaseDesigner NG

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