ECU Editor

ECU Editor

Now deliver high quality diagnostic data in less time
The K-DCP ECU Editor is an authoring environment for diagnostic applications based on ASAM/ISO standards. It allows guided diagnostic functions authoring and modification of diagnostic information. Use case refers to ECU information and logistic data, DTCs, data monitoring, routine controls etc. Diagnostic data created can be used in engineering, productions and after-sales departments of the organization.
The standardized data format helps to reduce inherent complexity, promote reusability, improve quality and reduce data development/maintenance cost. The easy to use authoring environment helps domain experts to deliver high quality diagnostic data in less time. The integrated publication mechanism provides an automated delivery of the created content. As an example this can be deployed to an Aftersales Diagnostic Application like the K-DCP Framework.
Product Development V-Cycle
Simple and convenient to author diagnostic specification for ECU
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Use Cases

Single/Multi ECU diagnostic data editor with load on-Demand functionality
Diagnostic functions driven guided data authoring
SVN based data management
Multiple user can author data in parallel
Stand-alone/Cloud ready Diagnostics Application Design
Key Features

The ECU editors runs directly on ODX data without any intermediate format. In this way, data can be opened, edited and stored without any data import or export ensuring a simplified and accelerated processing of data within complete diagnostic processes including data loss prevention. Key features include:
Support for ODX 2.2.0 specification in native format
Support for multiple user roles (Common User to Expert)
Integrated Excel import and export features
State-of-the-art memory management. Editing and saving huge ODX data (>1 GB) even in the constrained resource environment
Scalable to author diagnostic data from single ECU to all vehicle of OEM
GUIs defined based on diagnostic functions such as DTCs, data monitoring, routine controls etc.
Integrated version control mechanism
Workflow control and release management system
diagnostic connectivity
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