Diagnostic Execution Framework
Diagnostic Execution Framework

Diagnostic Execution Framework

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The K-DCP Framework is an execution environment for diagnostic content created with the Diagnostic Authoring Tool. It is based on Diagnostic Standards like D-PDU API, MVCI MCD-3D Runtime System, ODX data and OTX sequences. It provides generic user interfaces for diagnostic functions such as:
Vehicle topology and ECU information / logistics data
Reading fault memory with environment data and guided troubleshooting
Measurement values including graphical representation and enhanced data logging
Configuration and Flashing of ECUs
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Product Development V-Cycle
K-DCP Framework is a generic tester to address use-cases in engineering manufacturing (EoL) and aftersales service
product development v cycle
Use Cases

Engineering, Manufacturing or Aftersales / Dealership Service Tool
Remote diagnostics and analytics
Guided diagnostics for fault troubleshooting
ECU Test automation and reporting
End-of-Line flashing and testing
Key Features

Execution on standalone as well as cloud infrastructure
Built upon ASAM / ISO standards
  • D-PDU API (ISO 22900-2)
  • MCD-3D (ISO 22900-3)
  • ODX (V 2.0.1 or V 2.2.0)
  • OTX standards (ISO 13209)
Bus topology viewer, Fault (DTC) Reader, Measurement of PIDs and Flashing
Navigation flow component to support the add-on of customer specific use-cases
Use-case extensions using OTX sequences (e.g. Guided Diagnostics)
Integrated license and online update management
Diagnostic data analysis and reporting
diagnostic connectivity
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Diagnostic Execution Framework

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