LIMAS makes it easy for you to manage applications by controlling different license models, user roles, features and updates
KPIT's LIMAS makes it easy for application producers to monetize, secure, enhance and grow market share through the flexible pricing, packaging, and licensing of applications, intelligent devices or equipment (dongles) using embedded software. LIMAS licensing also gives organizations the power to protect IP and rein in unauthorized software use to prevent piracy.
Use Cases

Administrate your licenses from all over the world on a multi-user web front-end
Publish software updates in a controlled way
Grant software license and maintenance for limited period
Provide software update based on license agreement
Track installed version at each client location and provide notifications for new versions
Key Features

Flexible Software Licensing Models
Efficient In-Product license Activation Support
Protect Software and Prevent Unauthorized Copying
Broad Platform & High Availability Support
Web-based Administrator Console
Automatic update delivery of application and data updates using HTTPs
diagnostic connectivity
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KPIT's License & Update Management System (LIMAS)

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